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Our Product & Service Brands


Founded in 1991 and acquired by the Vortex Companies in 2016. Quadex, LLC is a leader in the formulation, development and manufacturing of proprietary lining systems and advanced repair materials for water, sewer and industrial infrastructure. These include: Geopolymers, Hybrid Cements, Epoxies and Polymeric Materials, Resins, Foam Grouts, Polymeric and Patching Materials. [More Info]

The Quadex Lining System®

The Quadex Lining System is proprietary precision spin-cast lining system designed to structurally rehabilitate large diameter sewer pipe and structures. Featuring GeoKrete® Geopolymer, the Quadex Lining System is a certified “reduced carbon footprint” repair method and will structurally restore infrastructure for up to 50 years. [More Info]

Quadex Industrial

Quadex Industrial, a division of Quadex, develops and manufactures specialty industrial coatings, sealers and anti-graffiti systems for industrial and commercial applications. All products are developed in-house, and third party tested for performance and standards qualifications. [More Info]

Schwalm USA

Schwalm USA is the nation’s leading reseller and service support division of Schwalm sewer and pipeline robotic systems. Considered one of the best built and highest perform lateral reinstatement robots in the world, Schwalm products are also extremely versatile and can be used for cleaning, cutting, patching, chiseling, grinding and much more. [More Info]

Ted Berry Company

Located in the upper northeast, Ted Berry has been performing trenchless and utility construction services since 1972. Acquired by Vortex in 2019, Ted Berry’s location, experience and complementary service offerings strengthened Vortex’s strategic position in the market. Ted Berry’s solid reputation in the region has also helped solidify. [More Info]

Our Vortex Division Brands

Vortex Services

Vortex Services offers a broad range of trenchless infrastructure solutions ranging from condition assessment, construction management to complete rehabilitation and repair services leveraging Vortex’s proven products and trenchless repair methods. [More Info]

Vortex Products

Vortex Products is the umbrella division for all products either developed, sold or distributed by Vortex. Vortex products is committed to developing new technologies and bringing new products to market that are designed to improve operating efficiency and installation quality. [More Info]

Vortex Industrial

The Vortex Industrial Services division focuses on safe, cost-effective and largely trenchless repair solutions for Industrial and commercial customers. From asset management recommendations to full structural repairs, Vortex Industrial provides expertise and service support to restore both above and below ground structures. [More Info]

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