Precision-applied fully structural Pipe Relining Solution.

Featuring GeoKrete® geopolymer, QLS represents the next generation of trenchless, structural renewal of raw, storm and wastewater infrastructure.


Geopolymer Lining System

A Precision-Applied Large Diameter, Fully Structural, Geopolymer Pipe Relining Solution

Featuring GeoKrete® geopolymer, the Quadex Lining System® (QLS) represents the next generation of trenchless, structural renewal of raw, storm and wastewater infrastructure.

QLS is comprised of industry leading materials, equipment, installers and QA/QC procedures to structurally restore large diameter pipes, culverts, tunnels, structures and other raw, storm and wastewater infrastructure.

This unique combination of precision equipment, finely tuned procedures, well trained installers and the industry’s leading geopolymer, GeoKrete®, allows for project metrics to be monitored in real time, to ensure a long-term solution. Understanding that every project presents unique challenges, the system is fully capable of integrating advanced, third-party design and engineering modifications to meet the most stringent structural restoration specifications.

Typical Applications
QLS is typically specified for large diameter pipes, culverts, tunnels and other infrastructure suffering from corrosion, I/I, and other problems that could lead to catastrophic failure.

  • Corrugated metal
  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Stone

Effective on these structures, as well:

  • Manholes
  • Wet wells
  • Junction boxes


QLS is an extremely versatile system engineered to effectively apply GeoKrete onto a variety of shapes, sizes and surfaces. For angular structures, such as wet wells, junction boxes, box culverts, or other infrastructure with edges, corners and obstructions, GeoKrete can be spray-applied and trowel finished to achieve restored structural integrity, elimination of infiltration and corrosion protection.

The equipment design features advanced technology built into the sled, retrieval system, mixer and pump that allows for a controlled rate of retraction and precision spray application.


  • Fully structural lining solution
  • Small construction footprint
  • No excavation required
  • Significant cost advantages
  • Reduced carbon impact compared to other trenchless technologies (cementitious, calcium aluminate, CIPP liners)
  • Quality controlled, precision application process
  • Reduces bypass operation
  • Addresses non-round shapes, bends and intrusions
  • Conducive to deep pipes through standard manhole access
  • Allows for third-party design/engineering

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