We manufacture advanced coatings & materials.

We formulate, manufacture and provide a complete line of advanced structural rehabilitation products for a broad range of sewer and water infrastructure.


Developed in our lab. Proven in the field.

Since 1991, our Quadex® division has been one of the industry’s most respected formulators and manufacturers of protective coatings, linings and repair materials. Our products are designed and rigorously tested to repair and rehabilitate aging, damaged or structurally compromised water, sewer, storm and industrial infrastructure. We also custom manufacture products to meet your very specific performance requirements.

  • Geopolymers
  • GeoKrete Geopolymer is a fully structural, corrosion resistant geopolymer mortar best used for large diameter pipe, non-round structures and manholes in corrosive environments. It can be troweled, sprayed or spin applied.

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  • Hybrid Cements
  • Quadex hybrid cements provide full structural rehabilitation capability. We recommend they are used in manholes and infrastructure relining in non-corrosive environments.

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  • Epoxies & Polymerics
  • For extreme corrosion protection, structural enhancement, flexible lining solutions, our full line of epoxies and polymeric materials are an excellent choice for pipes, manholes, wet wells, junction boxes and other infrastructure.

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  • Polyurethane Grouts
  • Quadex has formulated and produced a full line of polyurethane foam grouts to address a host of issues related to inflow & infiltration and sub-grade erosion caused by leaks, cracks, offset joints and voids in our aging infrastructure. From quick-setting, dual component foam grouts to address high-flow leaks to deep penetrating single component migration foams to stabilize surrounding soils and lower volume leaks, we have a grout solution for you.

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  • Patching Materials
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