We’re Thinking BIG about tomorrow’s water & sewer infrastructure challenges.

About Us

At Vortex, we believe the world needs more resilient and sustainable water and sewer infrastructure. As a global provider of trenchless infrastructure products and services, it’s our job to think big because there is no single, or simple, solution to solving aging and failing infrastructure. 

We specialize in developing trenchless construction technologies and application systems to cost-effectively repair, renew or replace failing water, sewer and industrial infrastructure. 

WE THINK BIG. It’s the only way we know. 

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Cost Effectively Renew Municipal, Industrial & Commercial Infrastructure.

We offer trenchless repair assessment, service and repair solutions to restore infrastructure suffering from I&I, corrosion, structural failure, or misalignment. We also do pipe replacement and upsizing.



Water, sewer, & storm
system rehabilitation



Assessment, rehabilitation & corrosion
protection for industrial structures.



From coatings and sealers to small
diameter relining of pipes & stacks.


We believe it takes 3 things to be a success – clear vision , strong values and good habits.

A Winning Culture

When we see where we’re going (vision) and we embrace who we are (values), then the way we act in the world will start to shift a little so that we all exhibit the same good behaviors (habits).

Here at Vortex Companies, each of us embodies these values.

We always put safety first.

We earn trust through being honest and transparent.

We are constantly thinking and creating the next big thing.

We’ve got each other’s back – no matter what.

We are driven and empowered to get the job done.


Our trusted brands are the foundation of success.