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A pipe lining company can help you to stop backups, leaks and will help protect costly infrastructure.  Whether you have a leaking water main, degraded sewer pipe quality, or rusted and broken pipes, the right pipe lining company can help you repair and avoid even the toughest problems.

With no excavation or mess, the right pipe lining company can help you repair pipes on time and on budget. Choosing the right pipe lining company for the job is very important.

What does a pipe lining company do?

A pipe lining company finds economical and efficient ways to repair water and sewer infrastructure. Pipe lining companies often use a variety of methods to repair pipes.

Pipe lining companies will often specialize in a number of areas including sewer pipes, vertical drains, cooling pipes, water mains, and manhole rehabilitation.

CIPP lining, slip lining, and geopolymer lining systems are just three of the many ways that pipe lining companies can help to repair broken or aging infrastructure.

Some pipe lining companies offer trenchless solutions. Trenchless pipe repairs do not require digging or excavation and is proven to me the most efficient method.

Questions to ask a pipe lining company.

Finding the right pipe lining professional is important. When selecting a contractor to perform work on any water main, sewer main, or infrastructural pipes you should ask a few questions to help you understand the work and your contractor better.

If you need an additional list of questions to ask, simply contact us with your job details and we can help you create a great list of questions to ask specific to your needs and concerns.

A few general commonly asked questions for pipe repair can be found below.

  • Is your company locally owned?
  • Does your company subcontract? If so, to whom?
  • What exactly does the service and pricing include?
  • If my tank is larger than 1000 gallons, am I charged for disposal?
  • How many laborers can I expect at the job site?
  • How much time will the pipe lining system take to install?
  • What type of lining system will be used?
  • What kind of warranty is provided with service?

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