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Civil Infrastructure systems include a variety of sectors including wastewater, water, storm water and some industrial systems. This means anything from bridges, to sewer systems and electrical grids, to transportation systems and buildings used to support these areas.

What is civil infrastructure?

Literally translated, infrastructure is the “underlying structure”. Civil Infrastructure is the underlying structures and systems put in place to maintain civilian life in a city, county or other area. The fundamental framework, facilities and systems include, both, public and private, rural and urban sectors.

Why is civil infrastructure important?

The importance of designing and maintaining quality infrastructure systems is no question. Without properly maintained infrastructure, society cannot function properly. Citizens rely on civil infrastructure for just about anything. Civil infrastructure is what makes the norms of our society possible. It is how we travel, communicate and live. Our water supply, waste management, electrical needs all come from set systems of civil infrastructure.

Another important aspect of civil infrastructure is its role in progress. Improving infrastructure is what ultimately drives progress in any given society. When improving what makes day to day life easier and more efficient, it allows for improvement in many other industries and fields of work.

Fields of study related to civil infrastructure: Architecture, Civil Engineering, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Public Economics, Public Policy, Urban Planning, etc.

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