Point Repair Solutions

Sectional Repairs, Pipe Joints, & End Seals

Thru our regional service companies, VacVision Environmental and Rico Services,  we have decades of point repair experience.

An integral part of this solution is the Pipe Robo Tec System.

Pipe-Robo-Tec internal pipe seals are the perfect solution to address longitudinal cracking, offset joints and other isolated pipe defects.

Pipe Robo Tec provides a permanent, internal, seal within an existing pipe system at points where leakage, root intrusion and structural integrity is in question.

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Products Available

  • Pipe Seal Fix
  • Pipe Seal End
  • Pipe Seal Flex

Effectively Repairs

  • Longitudinal cracks
  • Transverse cracks
  • Radial cracks
  • Root penetration
  • Socket end leaks

Works On

  • RCP and non-RCP
  • Ductile iron
  • PVC
  • RCP
  • Clay
  • GRP
  • HDPE

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