Manhole Rehab Equipment

Manhole Rehabilitation Equipment

Next generation manhole and civil infrastructure renewal systems from Quadex™ improve efficiency and profitability.

Manhole rehabilitation is becoming a science. Gone are the days of rehabilitating a manhole with standard spray equipment and coatings. Your customers are demanding precision application with proven coating to help extend the life of their manholes. Quadex Repair Materials has developed a superior line of equipment and materials to deliver the long-term performance and protection results your customers deserve.

We design and build state-of-the-art equipment for fast and precise application of geopolymers, hybrid mortars and epoxies. We also offer equipment training and field support.

Product Details

sprayMASTER™ Manhole Rehabilitation Rig

The sprayMASTER™ is a completely self-contained manhole mortar lining installation system. The sprayMASTER system comes fully equipped for the precise, low-velocity spray and/or spin-cast application of cementitious and geopolymer mortar manhole lining materials.

Key Features

  • 250-gallon poly-lined water tank
  • 44 HP Kubota Turbo Diesel Engine / Hydraulic Power Plant
  • 29 cfm/90 psi air compressor
  • 20-gallon capacity fuel cell
  • 40 psi hydraulically-powered water transfer pump
  • Fill-Rite water metering system
  • Ergonomically-positioned control center
  • 75-gallon capacity mixer with vertical shaft mixing blade
  • Three-stage progressive cavity, material pump and holding hopper
  • Center mount material platform; holds 1 pallet of Quadex™ material
  • Compact-designed, low-velocity, wet mortar spray nozzle

spinMASTER™ Manhole Liner System

Quadex™ leads the industry in precision, centrifugal-cast manhole liner systems. Designed and developed with direct input from field-experienced manhole applicators, the spinMASTER™ will not only simplify and speed up the application process, it will produce a consistently even coating application as well.

Key Features

  • 6-blade spinner head
  • 1 hp DC electric motor
  • Quick coupling attachment for 1-inch plaster hose
  • Outdoor-rated electric wiring

spinMASTER™ Power Winch

The spinMASTER™ power winch features “continuous on-time” design which eliminates normal motor breakdown (overheating). The winch can be assembled for either hand control or foot pedal operation to navigate the spinMASTER™ precision spray head up and down the vertical structure.

Key Features

  • Choice of hand or foot pedal operation
  • Heavy duty, 2,500 lb lifting capacity
  • Fully-sealed and waterproof system
  • Durable stainless steel cable for long-term performance

trekMASTER™ Mobile Grout Plant

The trekMASTER™ is a remote-controlled track-mounted mobile grout plant designed to continuously mix and pump non-shrink grout, repair mortars, and most flowable grouts. Customers have found this unit particularly effective in areas where work is performed along easements or very narrow spaces.

Key Features

  • 45-gallon mixing tank
  • 20-gallon holding hopper a progressing cavity grout pump
  • Diesel hydraulic power system
  • Mixing tank with vertical shaft and horizontal blades
  • Slide gate discharge valve to allow fluid and pasty materials to the holding hopper
  • Grout pump — 3-stage, size 6, positive displacement delivering 6 GPM, 450 psi
  • 27 HP Kubota heavy-duty diesel engine
  • Tread tracks expand 14” for driving stability
  • Fold up deck for driving the track
  • 29 CFM, 90 psi air compressor
  • 3,500 psi pressure washer
  • 85-gallon water tank, and 20 gpm water pump

Equipment Training

Quadex™ Repair Materials offers a 3-day comprehensive training session designed to get you up and running properly on your Quadex™ sprayMASTER™, spinMASTER™ and trekMASTER™ equipment packages. You will also learn how all Quadex™ products perform and behave in their own unique way. Contact us about our rates and to schedule your session today!

What You Will Learn

  • Product mixing and handling
  • Equipment operation
  • Crew member roles
  • Scheduling, efficiency and production
  • Equipment cleaning and maintenance

Equipment Financing

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