We are proven effective in turnkey sewer bypass.

From the most minor to the worst imaginable situation, Vortex Services can handle all of your sewer bypass, pumping and dewatering project requirements.


Turnkey Sewer Bypass, Pumping and Dewatering

We understand every situation is unique. However, one call to Vortex Services is all you need to make. We will assess, design, build and operate the bypass system to address your every need.

We specify the quietest pumps. We provide 24/7 pump watch to ensure maximum operating efficiency. We will also minimize surface disruption and traffic control throughout the operation. We design, build and operate bypass pumping systems. Finally, once the project is completed, we will restore the affected areas to their original condition.

With years of bypass design and operation experience, Vortex Services will handle all the details for you, no matter what size project. We were built to be nimble and have the ability to quickly mobilize crews, pumps, pipe and other equipment for all job sizes and demands.

Let the Vortex Services team assume the responsibility and liability by overseeing the entire operation, 24/7. From small, quick-response projects to long-term pumping needs, we are ready to mobilize.

Combined Temporary Bypass Systems

  • Combined sewer systems
  • Treatment plant upgrades or repairs

Temporary Pump Systems for Emergency Flood Control

  • Water or sewer main breaks
  • Hurricanes and other tropical events

Typical Services

  • Site assessment
  • Pumping and bypass system design and estimating
  • Permitting
  • Traffic control
  • System construction and maintenance
  • Pump procurement
  • 24/7 pump watch
  • System removal and clean-up

Typical System Designs

  • Single Temporary Bypass Systems
  • Pump station upgrades
  • Sewer main repairs
  • Storm sewer repairs or replacement
  • Construction site dewatering

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