Pipe Condition Assessment

Pipe Inspection and Condition Assessment

The key to cost-effective, long-term pipe rehabilitation solutions is the ability to identify damaged, leaking infractions using innovative and proven pipe inspection, data collection and televising procedures.

Inspection services performed:

  • 3D Pipe Geometry Mapping Services
  • Large Diameter Line Assessment
  • Comprehensive Manhole Analysis
  • Sonar / Lidar Inspection Data Collection
  • Sanitary Sewer Inspection & Assessment
  • Storm Sewer Inspection & Assessment
  • Water Distribution Inspection & Assessment
  • Industrial Sewer Inspection & Assessment

Vortex Services Offers The Best Condition Assessment Services to Identify Your Repair and Rehabilitation Needs.

It is critical to understand exactly what is going on inside your infrastructure. In addition to standard inspection services*, Vortex Services also offers a Multi-Sensor Pipeline Condition Assessment Platform (Lidar, CCTV, Sonar) for pipes 36″ in diameter or greater that are damaged or require more in-depth data than a basic inspection can provide.

*Standard inspections: We will evaluate basic conditions of your infrastructure. This includes Level 1 and Level 2 inspections that can range from basic visual inspection to running a CCTV camera system through your infrastructure.

Multi-Sensor Inspection (CCTV, LIDAR, SONAR)

Multi-sensor inspection (MSI) is a combination of technologies used to deliver a comprehensive condition and hydraulic assessment of large diameter pipelines. Tractor, skid, or float systems are used based on pipe flow conditions.

CCTV – To see and document defects

Lidar – To measure profile and actual pipe conditions above the flow level

Sonar – To measure and quantify debris levels below the flow level, in live flow condition.

With Multi-Sensor Condition Assessment Services, we bring out our advanced camera and inspection equipment to conduct the most comprehensive condition assessment services in the industry. Using this method, you are able to make replacement or rehabilitation decisions based on actual, live data – not on assumptions.

How we capture information:

  • Visual inspection using a high resolution HD CCTV
  • Sonar Technology – Digital/Analog
  • Lidar Profile – 2D or 3D

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