Geopolymer Pipe Lining Systems

Large Diameter Geopolymer Spin / Spray Pipe Lining

The Quadex Lining System® offers the industry’s most advanced lining system technology and geopolymer mortar. We are able to restore large diameter pipes, culverts and tunnels of all types and shapes.

Our crews are rigorously trained and qualified to work in confined entry environments to successfully restore severely deteriorated storm and wastewater infrastructure, with a design life of 50 years or more.

This unique combination of precision equipment and GeoKrete® geopolymer ensures a fast and effective structural renewal to damaged and leaking large diameter pipe and infrastructure.

Typical Applications

Pipes, culverts, and tunnels greater than 30 inches:

  • Corrugated metal
  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Stone

Key Benefits

  • Fully Structural Lining Solution
  • Small Construction Footprint
  • Significant Cost Advantages
  • Quality Controlled Process
  • Reduces Bypass Operation
  • Address non-round shapes, bends, intrusions
  • Conducive to deep pipes and standard manhole access

Other Structures

  • Manholes
  • Wet wells
  • Junction Boxes

Featuring GeoKrete Geopolymer


A Geopolymer is a formulated mortar comprised of aluminosilicate powder with an alkaline activator to form a monolithic mineral polymer with ceramic properties. A geopolymer is not an epoxy or a plastic blended with aggregate.

GeoKrete® Geopolymer cures through a process of polycondensation and possesses proven, high early and long-term compressive strength. Additionally, with superior bond strength, GeoKrete liners can be applied in layers and under multiple mobilizations. The chemical composition of GeoKrete Geopolymer makes it inherently resistant to the microbial induced corrosion prevalent in many sewer environments. Geopolymers contain greatly reduced concentrations of calcium hydrates, commonly found in cementitious mortars, furthering the suitability of GeoKrete in low PH environments.

Features & Benefits 

  • Precision blended and mixed material allows for high measures of quality control
  • Forms a monolithic, inorganic polymer structure for much higher resistance to acids and greater surface durability
  • Cures through polycondensation and bonds to itself — the liner can be applied in layers and under multiple mobilizations
  • Easily navigates pipe deformities, deep pipes, pipe bends, non-round pipes, slopes and separated joints

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