We specialize in cured-in-place pipe rehab.

Cured-in-place pipe rehabilitation has long been one of the most successful forms of trenchless renewal.


Cured-in-Place Pipe Rehabilitation

Our innovative, cured-in-place pipe (CIPP lining) system creates a long-term, structural pipe inside the existing host pipe system without digging or destruction to buildings or landscape. When complete, the rehabilitated pipe is once again fully-structural, with an increased flow rate, and leak-free joints. Why dig, when you can add an additional 25-50 years of design life to your existing sewer lines?

With recent advancements in resin, liner and installation technology, the CIPP method is commonly used to rehabilitate pipe in diameters ranging from 4″-120″; using steam, ambient and UV curing processes.

Armed with an experienced crew and the latest equipment, Vortex Services will inspect, assess, design then install a CIPP solution to meet your specific pipe performance demands… be it I/I, structural restoration or corrosion protection.

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