Project: Ohio DOT 54″ Culvert Rehabilitation


50+ year old culvert in remote location structurally restored with GeoKrete® Geopolymer

A 50+ year old CMP storm culvert pipe in Guernsey County, OH was found to be in very bad condition. The invert was nearly gone and corrosion inside the pipe threatened a complete failure in the near future.

The contractor recommended this section be relined with the QLS process in order to address both the corrosion and structural integrity concerns. The pipe, 54” in diameter and 166’ long, was located several hundred feet from the main road.

Project Challenges

Culvert installed in 1963. Invert was completely deteriorated and there was extensive corrosion on the inner pipe wall.

Culvert Dimensions

  • Diameter: 54”
  • Length: 166 LF

The self-contained QLS rig and equipment were specifically designed for these kinds of projects, where access is limited and a small footprint is required. With no potable water nearby, the QLS crew also supplied its own water to mix the GeoKrete.

Once in place, the old culvert was cleaned, prepped and patched before the relining process started. In addition to rebuilding the invert, the QLS crew relined the 54” CMP pipe over period of three days. A total of two passes were made by QLS’s advanced application sled, to achieve a thickness of 1.5”.

When completely cured, the 54 year-old culvert is fully structural and ODOT can expect another 50 years of performance.

Guernsey, OH
Sub Contractor
July, 2016