Project: GeoKrete® KCMO Manhole Rehabilitation

This manhole was selected by KCMO as a trial / demonstration for Quadex® GeoKrete®. This structure was subjected to high levels of H2S with the upstream manhole being a force main receiving manhole. H2S levels ranged from 165-190 ppm. The manhole was prepped using a 4,000 psi water blaster. The joints were sealed with Quadex Hyperform®.

The manhole was lined with 1 ½ inches of Quadex GeoKrete, which provides a monolithic, fully structural, corrosion resistant liner at the most economic pricing available.

Problem: Highly corroded manhole, connected to force main, in need of corrosion protection. H2S levels ranged from 165-190 ppm.

Application: Hyperform® Rapid Setting Patching Material, GeoKrete® – 1 1/2” on walls. Troweled to smooth finish.

Kansas City
Hyperform®, GeoKrete®
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Rodney Manthey
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(920) 450-4632