Project: 78” Culvert Rehabilitation


50+ year old CMP storm drain in Loveland, Ohio was beginning to fail due to corrosion and poor structural conditions.

A 78” CMP storm drain running beneath a road in Loveland, Ohio had begun to fail. With the invert in need of repair and corrosion eating at the inside, complete failure was imminent. The 62 year-old pipe had exceeded its design life and needed to be structurally restored, or ultimately it would need to be replaced.

Project Challenges

Culvert installed in 1954. Invert was in poor condition and existence of corrosion on pipe’s inner walls. Running beneath a roadway, a full structural renewal was required.

Culvert Dimensions

  • Diameter: 78”
  • Length: 60 LF

RB Jergens, the prime contractor, recommended the Quadex® Lining System as an alternative to replacement. The system features GeoKrete® Geopolymer and possesses both excellent corrosion resistance and structural properties. In this case, GeoKrete was spray-applied to achieve a thickness of 2” to protect and restore the culvert to its original integrity. The roadway above was never closed, however a temporary traffic signal (to control traffic flow) was installed in conjunction with the lining work to ensure proper safety for all crews involved.


QLS process, spray-applied GeoKrete® to achieve 2” thickness. Smooth finished with trowel.

Loveland, OH
Sub Contractor
August, 2016