We created an extremely powerful cartridge gun.

The OneGun was built to deploy our exclusive cartridge-ready repair materials made by Quadex in 1:1 and 2:1 ratios and most other 300ml x 300ml or 600ml x 600ml applications.


Introducing Quadex® OneGun™

An extremely powerful and portable battery-operated cartridge gun, OneGun is the perfect solution for applying the Quadex line of dual component repair materials.

The OneGun is systematically designed to deploy Quadex’s exclusive cartridge-ready repair materials, whether in “1 to 1” or “2 to 1” ratios.

The 20 Volt Lithium-Ion Battery will deliver up to three hours of continuous power in the most extreme conditions.

Features Exclusive to the Quadex® OneGun™

  • One delivery method, multiple repair materials
  • Battery operation eliminates cords and hoses from the work area
  • Resealable cartridges eliminate material waste
  • Durable design to exist in the toughest of environments

Quadex® OneGun™ Products

Polyurethane Grouts

From quick-setting, dual component foam grouts to address high-flow leaks to deep penetrating single component migration foams to stabilize surrounding soils and lower volume leaks, we have a grout solution for you.

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