Quadex® OneGun®

A Battery Operated, Dual Component Material Cartridge Dispenser

An extremely powerful and portable battery-operated cartridge gun, OneGun is the perfect solution for applying the Quadex line of dual component repair materials. The OneGun is systematically designed to deploy Quadex’s exclusive cartridge-ready repair materials, whether in “1 to 1” or “2 to 1” ratios.

The 20 Volt Lithium-Ion Battery will deliver up to three hours of continuous power in the most extreme conditions.

Key Features of the OneGun

  • One delivery method, multiple repair materials
  • Battery operation eliminates cords and hoses from the work area
  • Resealable cartridges eliminate material waste
  • Durable design to exist in the toughest of environments

Quadex® Quadex® Products

I&I Guard® – Quick response foam grout | Stops rapid water flow

I&I Guard® –  Quick response (1-3 seconds) foam grout designed to stop rapid water flow.

Quadex® I&I Guard® is a quick response dual component hydrophobic polyurethane with a 1 – 3 second reaction time. It is designed to stop rapid water flow (>50 GPM) leaking from concrete or other underground structures. Since I&I Guard® is hydrophobic, it will not shrink, contains no VOCs and requires no special breathing apparatus or other PPE.

Recommended For

Quadex® I&I Guard® is recommended for water control and I&I in manholes, vaults and other concrete, brick or stone structures both above and below grade.

I&I Guard®-SCF — Single component | Pre-catalyzed | Universal leak stoppage

Single Component Foam Grout

For leak stoppage and crack sealing

I&I Guard®-SCF is a single component, pre-catalyzed hydrophobic polyurethane grout that is extremely versatile and used for a variety of infrastructure rehabilitation applications. It’s effectiveness and flexibility make I&I Guard®-SCF an ideal solution for leak stoppage and crack sealing.

Application Information

This elastomeric polyurethane grout serves as a infiltration stop and is a viable method of sealing moving and non-moving cracks in concrete structures, slabs, vaults, tanks, and pipes.


  • Single component, no mixing
  • Contains no volatile solvents
  • Will not dilute in water
  • Controlled reaction time
  • Provides extensive coverage
  • Non-shrinking
  • Quick return to service


600ml cartridges
1200ml cartridges
5 gallon units (Not for use with OneGun®)

Flex Guard®-FM – Flexible fiber reinforced epoxy mastic | Stop leaks where joints move

Flex Guard®-FM – Flexible fiber reinforced epoxy mastic  for leaking metal and concrete cracks or joints caused by movement.

Flex Guard®-FM is a flexible fiber reinforced epoxy mastic for application on metal and concrete substrates, cracks or joints that experience movement. With a 100-150% elongation is it ideal for freeze/thaw and structures that experience temperature fluctuation.

Application Method
For best results, Flex Guard-FM should be applied with a putty knife or trowel, depending on the voids to be filled or covered.

Features and Benefits

  • Fiber reinforced
  • Flexible
  • 100-150% elongation
  • Quick cure time

Structure Guard®-FM – Fast-curing epoxy mastic | Exceptional bond strength

Structure Guard®-FM – Fast curing, 100% solids epoxy mastic with exceptional bond strength.

Structure Guard®-FM is a 100% solids epoxy mastic used to protect new infrastructure and to rehabilitate or repair existing infrastructure.

Recommended For

  • Manholes, wet wells, vaults and septic tanks
  • Steel substrates
  • Floor and wall penetrations / cracks
  • Simple spot repair

Key Features

  • Extreme bonding to nearly all substrates
  • Fast-curing
  • Easy workability
  • No mixing means faster application

Structure Guard® – RS – Rapid setting epoxy | Quick return to service

Structure Guard®-RS – rapid setting epoxy for quick return to service.

Structure Guard®-RS is a rapid setting epoxy for structures that need to be quickly returned to service.

Recommended For

  • Inverts
  • Manhole bottoms
  • Benches

Key Features

  • Excellent immersion resistance
  • Easy handling

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