Safe and efficient pipe & drain tools that beat lateral obtrusions.

We are an authorized distributor of Picote pipe, drain and lateral solutions through our Schwalm USA division.


Pipe & Drain Tools

We sell pipe & drain tools such as milling machines, sewer robots, high output generators, pipe coating systems and lateral reinstatement systems as an authorized Picote distributor.

Need Picote Parts? You will find hundreds of Picote parts, tools, and attachments located in our online marketplace at shopTRENCHLESS.com. Offer complementary products? Sell them on shoptrenchless.com.

Visit shoptrenchless.com to view our Picote solutions for pipe diameter sizes 1 ¼” – 10”.

Authorized Picote Reseller

Designed with safety and efficiency in mind, Picote manufactures a comprehensive range of tools pipe renovation in pipes ranging from 1 ¼” to 10” in diameter. These systems are perfect for taking care of soft blockages, scale and calcium build-up and tree roots, concrete and lead deposits and failed gaskets and imperfections in your piping. We also offer systems for pipe coating and lateral reinstatement.

Rugged, durable and proven in the field, our Picote products will never let you down. Designed with the end-user in mind, all Picote products have been developed based on the performance demands and needs of our customers. We offer lateral reinstatement, drain cleaning, pipe coating equipment and fine tuning tools to meet all your needs.

Compatible with the Schwalm Sewer Robot

Many of the Picote pipe cleaning attachments are compatible with the Schwalm Talpa Robots. Most commonly pair with the Schwalm are the Grinding Panels, Smart Spider and Premium Chains.

You can find those products on www.shoptrenchless.com 

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