Parson Manhole Insert Sizing Guide

Fitting and sizing your Parson Manhole Insert is a breeze with these step-by-step instructions and guide.


Utilize the instructions below to measure your manhole for the Parson Manhole Insert:

1. A, B, OD, and ID are the measurements needed for proper installation of Parson Manhole Inserts.

2. For the Outside Diameter (OD), measure the frame at the closest point to the rim.

3. For the Inside Diameter (ID), measure the clear opening inside the rim.

4. For the B, measure the thickness of the ribbing under the cover. Undersides can be straight or tapered.

5. For the A, measure the width of the ribbing under the cover. If there is no ribbing under the cover, than A & B =0.

6. Once measurements are taken, Parson will provide a model number that is most appropriate for the manhole. There are over 25 molds and multiple model numbers, which results in multiple inserts being able to fit a single casting.

To learn more about Parson manhole inserts and other Parson products, click HERE.

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