CIPP Resins

QUAD-CURE® Resin Systems for Cured-in-Place Pipe Applications

We formulate and manufacture a family of specialty resins for a complete range of Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) applications. As a proven trenchless method, CIPP continues to improve in performance, quality and versatility as both liner and resin technology are constantly raising the bar for this highly effective system of rehabilitation.

As a leading manufacturer of infrastructure repair products, our Quadex Materials Development division continues to lead the industry in high performance repair materials for the municipal, industrial and commercial sectors.

Choose the right resin for your application:


Ideal for main lines, laterals and verticals.
Pot Life: 20-60min
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A styrene free epoxy resin system designed to encompass usage in main lines, laterals, and vertical pipe segments. Full cure times range from 1.5-4 hours.

Product Type Ratio Pot Life Work Time
Quad-Cure® 4130 Epoxy 4 to 1 30 minutes 1 hour
Quad-Cure® 4160 Epoxy 4 to 1 60 minutes 2 hours
Quad-Cure® 3120 Epoxy 3 to 1 20 minutes 35 minutes
Quad-Cure® 3145 Epoxy 3 to 1 45 minutes 1 hour


For sectional repairs.
Pot Life: 6-30min

Formulated for sectional liners suited for isolated pipe repair and patching. We offer three different resins designed for fast, medium and slow cure times that range from 15-100 minutes.

Product Type Ratio Pot Life Work Time
Quad-Cure® SF Silicate 2 to 1 8 minutes 35-40 minutes @ 60°F
Quad-Cure® SM Silicate 2 to 1 20 minutes 60-105 minutes @ 60°F
Quad-Cure® SS Silicate 2 to 1 30 minutes 180-240 minutes @ 60°F


QUAD-CURE® LC Latent Cure Epoxy Resin
For main lines and long laterals
Pot Life: 8-30hrs
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This is our advanced, latent cure, epoxy resin specifically developed for long liner shots, large diameter pipe and other unique specialty applications. Quad-Cure LC has an exceptionally long pot life and a quick cure time of 2 hrs. at 195°F.

Product Type Mix Ratio Pot Life Work Time
Quad-Cure® LC8 Epoxy 2 to 1 8 hours N/A
Quad-Cure® LC30 Epoxy 7 to 1 30 hours N/A


QUAD-CURE® UV Methacrylate Resin
For main lines and laterals in cold weather and environmentally sensitive areas.
Cure time: 10 minutes
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This unique non-shrink, UV cured methacrylate resin has exceptional adhesion to most all pipe types. We recommend using this resin with any UV CIPP system in cold weather environments, or where other environmental conditions call for a quick cure.

Product Type Mix Ratio Pot Life Work Time
Quad-Cure® UV Methacrylate N/A N/A N/A

QUAD-CURE® for pipes 3″ – 24″
CIPP lining is a preferred method of pipe rehabilitation for water and sewer pipes ranging 3″ to 24”.

Before: In many cases, water and sewer pipes that appear to be beyond repair can be CIPP lined and fully rehabilitated.

After: CIPP lining systems combine liner materials with resins designed and formulated to address the demands of your piping system

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