Vortex VoltaCutter

The nimble yet powerful VoltaCutter is perfect for 3”-6” diameter pipes. Easily cut through scale, roots and protruding taps! Standard features include: Durable pneumatic milling spindle, rotates 360°, navigates bends up to 90°, fully encased, hi-res camera, 98’ fully extendable hose, LED display and built-in storage box and recargeable power supply.

Product Documents


Mini electric cutter for laterals.

Features include:
• 3-6” pipes
• Two rechargeable batteries power entire system
• Up to two hours of continuous operation
• Durable pneumatic milling spindle
• Rotates 360°
• Navigates bends up to 90°
• Powerful 15,000 RPM motor
• Fully encased, hi-res camera
• 98’ fully extendable hose
• LED display and built-in storage box
• Excellent performance in horizontal and vertical
pipe applications