sprayMASTER® Manhole Rehab Rig

The sprayMASTER® II is a completely self-contained infrastructure renewal system. When this base system is combined with the powerful capabilities of Schwalm robotics and Picote high speed cleaning and coating tools, it becomes the most effective polymeric material coating system on the market.

Product Documents

The Quadex sprayMASTER® is a completely self-contained manhole mortar lining installation system. Designed with the applicator in mind, sprayMASTER comes fully equipped to allow for the precise, low-velocity spray and/or spin-cast application of cementitious and geopolymer mortar manhole lining materials.

Key Features:

• 250-gallon poly lined water tank
• 44 HP Kubota Turbo Diesel Engine/Hydraulic Power Plant
• 29 cfm/90 psi air compressor a
• 20-gallon capacity fuel cell
• 40 psi hydraulically powered water transfer pump
• Fill-Rite water metering system
• Ergonomically positioned control center
• 75-gallon capacity mixer with vertical shaft mixing blade
• Three-stage progressive cavity, material pump and holding hopper
• Center mount material platform; holds 1 pallet of Quadex material
• Compact designed, low-velocity, wet mortar spray nozzle