Highly Flexible 100% Solids Epoxy-Urethane Hybrid Designed for Sealing Manhole Chimneys Introduced by Vortex Companies

(Houston, TX — April 26, 2018)

Through its polymeric coatings division, Stag Technologies, the Vortex Companies has recently introduced Chimney Guard, an epoxy urethane hybrid material specifically developed to address manhole chimneys and other structures where frequent expansion and contraction is prevalent. Co-developed by Vortex divisions, Stag Technologies and Quadex, Chimney Guard is a critical component of manhole rehabilitation where inflow and infiltration is a frequent problem. “Independent testing of this product consistently showed elongation performance at 270% and exceptional adhesion strength to both concrete and steel substrates,” stated Matthew Peterson, President of the Stag Technologies division. “Any professional applicator is able to use this product with a high rate of success,” added Peterson.

Chimney Guard, a hybrid coating, is a custom-formulated coating consisting of 100% solids epoxies and urethane and is unique in that it requires no primer coat in its application. “There are a lot of products on the market that address the issue of manhole inflow and infiltration, but none have delivered the performance results and offer the ease of install we are seeing with Chimney Guard,” added Neil Wisener, President of Quadex, LLC.

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