My name is Austin Greeley and I am a Project Manager Intern at Vortex Services Northeast division for the summer of 2021. I am currently attending the University of Maine for Mechanical Engineering Technology with an expected graduation date of December 2021. I would describe myself as easy-going and goofy and I love to snowboard, longboard, hike, and go camping. During the summer I stay with family in Jay, Maine where I work for Vortex Services. In the winter I stay in Orono, Maine to attend university.

I found myself in an internship position here at Vortex Services through my long-term employment at the Ted Berry Company. This local company had been my place of employment for years as I climbed the totem pole from actually starting as a base level intern and moving my way up through being a technician and even some supervisory roles, to my current role as a Project Manager Intern. I started with the Ted Berry Company through a high school program around 2016. Ever since then I have worked every summer for the company and loved every minute of it.

Some of my favorite work I have gotten to take part in since being an Intern for Vortex consisted of conducting site visits to various job sites to decide if we should bid on the work or not. This is particularly interesting to me because it puts me in the role of a PM. I travel to the job site and speak with a qualified person about what they need to be done for work. I will help a PM estimate our costs for the job so that we can bid on the work. It is very rewarding to win a bid you have put a lot of time and effort in on.


I arrive to work at 7 am and immediately dive into my email to see what work is already on my plate for the day. This typically consists of project managers sending me new public bids to log into our system. By logging these bids, we can more easily keep track of when they are due and who they are assigned to. This allows for project managers (PMs) to stress a little less about due dates and focus more on supplying work for our field crews.


Typically, by 9 am I have received between one and ten requests from the PMs to draft either a proposal to a customer for work to be done or an invoice to a customer for the company to get paid. I use the company software to locate customer and job information, and I use my experience from past fieldwork to be able to draft these items.


By 11 am most of the PMs are trying to get the following day of work scheduled in the system. I like to think of the trading of employees and equipment back and forth on the schedule like a baseball trading card game. PMs will request schedule changes all day based on calls they receive from customers, job requirements, and employee skills. It is my job to work with the PMs to get all of the work scheduled before the 1 pm scheduling meeting if possible.


1 pm is time for the scheduling meeting… This meeting can be long and treacherous, but it’s a meeting where we iron out every single detail for a customer’s job to ensure it’s perfectly outlined. This maintains consistency in the schedule for when field employees need to know where they are going.



3 pm is closing time for much of the office. Depending on my tasks for the day I will begin to wrap up and get ready to head home and continue the next business day!