Leading Through a Crisis and Protecting Your Most Valued Assets: Employees

Mike Vellano, President & CEO, the Vortex Companies Back in January, when the world first heard reports of the novel coronavirus and its potential of reaching pandemic proportions, did we really believe we would still be battling its spread today? Did we really believe that it would have such a devastating economic impact across the globe? Did we really believe there would be upwards of 13 million cases and over half a million deaths recorded so far? I think the

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Ensuring Worker Safety During COVID-19

Author: Matt Timberlake – EVP, Corporate Development Safety. You hear and see this word a lot from companies across the nation—and even the world. But simply saying an organization is safe doesn’t translate to action. Participating in safety stand downs or the National Safety Council’s National Safety Month are great reminder events, but for safety to truly be part of a company’s culture, it has to be woven throughout everything every person does, from management to field workers. COVID-19 has shined an incredibly bright light on health and safety

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Stimulus Bill / Essential Business / CISA – Effect on Industry

First, A Message from Vortex Companies CEO, Mike Vellano We’re excited to announce a new resource for customers and industry colleagues: the #InTheVortex Blog. Authored by the Vortex leadership team, the articles shared on our website blog will cover a variety of topics, including industry updates, ‘state of the industry’ opinions, new regulation and policy news, discussions on new technology and so much more. While we all lead busy lives, having a place to engage with each other and hold

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