Vortex Companies is a Trusted HGACBuy Vendor

HGACBuy is a “Government-to-Government” procurement service available nationwide that strives to make the governmental procurement process more efficient by establishing competitively priced contracts for goods and services.

What are the key benefits of HGACBuy?

Why bid when you can HGACBuy? HGACBuy eliminates the need for competitive bids, reduces paperwork, and simplifies the procurement process. Governmental entities have been procuring products and services through HGACBuy for over 30 years.

What services can HGACBuy Provide?

HGACBuy’s role is to conduct product research and surveys, write technical specifications, conduct pre-bid conferences, open bids, and evaluate responses. After contracts are awarded by the HGACBuy committee, HGACBuy certifies contract validity, and administers contracts.

Does HGACBuy meet contract requirements?

Most states have inter-local cooperation authority or other joint power provisions that allow participation in cooperative activities. All contracts available to members of HGACBuy have been awarded by virtue of a public competitive procurement process compliant with state statutes.

Is HGACBuy available only in Texas?

No. HGACBuy is a nationwide cooperative program for competitively priced goods and services.

Do I qualify for HGACBuy membership?

All units of local government, including non-profits providing governmental services, are eligible to join HGACBuy.

You qualify if you are one of the following:

  • Municipality, City, County and/or State Agency
  • Council of Government
  • School, School District, College, and University
  • Hospital or Hospital District
  • Emergency Medical Service or Services District
  • Prevention District
  • Emergency Communication District
  • Utility District (MUD, WCID, Irrigation)
  • Government Authority (Airport, Port, River, Water, Toll Road)

What is your contract number on HGACBuy?

Vortex Companies can be identified by contract number TP07-18.

How do I become a member of HGACBuy?

Becoming a HGACBuy member requires only a few steps and is free. Call (800) 926-0234 or visit the website at www.hgacbuy.org.

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